Rooms To Paint Before The Holidays And Festive Colours To Consider

Rooms To Paint Before The Holidays And Festive Colours To Consider

Posted By : 08/11/2022 06:24 AM

Rooms To Paint Before The Holidays And Festive Colours To Consider

This year has almost reached its end. Right now, everyone is focussing on the festive holidays that lay ahead and some are even starting to get their plans together for 2023. It might be late in the year, but there is still time for one final home upgrade project and repainting a room is one of the quickest and best upgrades you can do if you want to tick one last thing off your 2022 resolution list.

The right paint colour can make a huge difference in your interior decor and can make all of your festive decorations look a lot brighter and better this year. 

In this guide, we are going to share the top rooms to repaint before the festive season and we offer some good advice on the best colours to choose.

The Best Rooms Or Areas To Paint

If you are painting with the idea to refresh your home for the holiday season then it is best to target high-focus or high-traffic areas in your home. Focus on areas in your home where your guests will be spending a lot of time like the following;

The Dining Room

This is a terrific room to refresh if you are getting friends or family over for a glorious Christmas feast. A new coat of paint in a new colour will make this room look a lot more interesting. For dining rooms, it is always better to focus on colours that complement the furniture pieces you already have in this room.

The Kitchen Cabinets Or A Kitchen Wall

Painting your kitchen cabinets is a great way to transform out-of-date cabinets into something that looks modern and vivid. That splash of new colour can give your kitchen a nice and inviting look, especially if you add complementing festive decor to the kitchen. 

If you already like the colour of your cabinets but still want to change things up in the kitchen then you can always create an accent wall in the kitchen by repainting it with bold colour or perhaps some caulk paint so you can get creative with some caulk. 

Guest Rooms

While you are preparing guest rooms for the festive season, it might be good to consider a fresh coat of paint for these rooms. Most guest rooms are pretty out of date with their simple white or grey walls. Right now, it is very trendy to be a little bit bold with wall colours and to focus on patels for a calming but more vivid appearance.

Refresh Accent Walls

Accent walls can make rooms look a lot more interesting without costing too much. If a room looks dull or if you are tired of the look of an old accent wall then it might be time for something new. A little pop of colour on an accent wall can make festive decorations stand out in front of these walls and will accentuate the festive season.

Best Paint Colours To Consider For The Festive Season

The most important thing to keep in mind when you are selecting a new wall colour is your current furniture or trend. Your new wall colour should complement your current furniture but it should still be different from what you currently have because you do want to create a refreshed look.

Plain colours like white, grey, or off-white are always a safe bet if you are not sure what to choose. These neutrals will accentuate your festive decor and can be paired with any colour. If you want to be a little bit bold then we recommend pastels. Pastel colours are always soothing, they offer a splash of colour and are easy to pair with other hues like festive red or green. 

If you need any advice regarding the best room colours to choose or if you need help refreshing your walls then you should give CP Painting a call. These painting specialists can have your home repainted and ready in time for the festivities. 

If you’re looking for a painter in Melbourne and other service locations then give us a call today! Our painter in Crows Nestpainter in Leichhardtpainter in Newtown, and painter in North Sydney will be happy to discuss your needs and give you a free quote.

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