Interior Painting: The Best Autumn Colours For Living Areas

Interior Painting: The Best Autumn Colours For Living Areas

Posted By : 05/02/2023 18:02 PM

Interior Painting: The Best Autumn Colours For Living Areas

Autumn season is here, and we can already feel a change in the temperature. The days are becoming shorter, evenings are becoming cooler, and all around you, you might notice the scenery start to change as vivid green leaves transform into bold colours like orange, bronze, gold, and yellow. Pretty soon, the landscape is going to be bleak, but luckily, your home doesn’t have to be as dull as winter. 

This season is a perfect time to touch up your home with a coat of paint, and in this guide, we are going to take a look at some of the best autumn colours that experts swear by.

The Best Autumn Colours For Living Areas

Warm Grey

Warm grey is a fantastic option because it will liven up your interior spaces without binding you to a specific colour theme too much. This colour is ideal for creating a contemporary but neutral background. It is also a perfect colour for homeowners who love to switch out the interior decor so their homes can match different seasons. The warm tones of this type of grey is perfect for warming your home up during the cooler season yet cool enough to keep your home nice and crisp during the warmer seasons.

Tanners Brown

Dark wall colours are not for everyone, but they can look charming if used correctly. If you want to create a warm and dark wall but wish to avoid the gothy vibe that is usually associated with black, then you can always opt for tanners brown. This type of brown will look almost black in low light conditions, but it features a rustic reddish brown undertone that offers warmth and classical charm. Tanners brown will go well with any autumn-coloured accessories or furniture pieces you might have and will certainly give your home a very unique look.

Pale Grey Or Blue

Pale grey, also referred to as silver fox grey, is a good option if you want to keep your interior spaces light and crisp with a touch of autumn. This colour looks a lot like the autumn sky with its light grey hue and slightly blue undertone. The colour can be a great option for living rooms that feature lots of light-coloured or white furniture pieces and for those who prefer something neutral.

Wheat Or Cream Tones

Wheat tones are also terrific colour options for the autumn season because they pair well with other autumn hues like orange, gold, brass, bronze, and yellow. Wheat or creamy colours are just as neutral as beige yet offer a fresh and modern edge that is bound to keep your interior spaces from looking too out of date. It is a superb alternative to the traditional grey that so many households feature.

Rosy Brown

Rosy brown can also be a good option if you want a neutral wall paint that is going to offer an interesting edge and add a little bit of colour to your rooms. This paint colour is a mix between rose and brown but should be light so it won’t darken up your room too much. The colour is great for homes with lots of antiques or heavy solid wood furniture pieces.

Golden Yellow

Golden yellow can be a good option if you really want to add lots of colour to your interior spaces. Yellow is a very cheerful and energetic colour that is bound to make your living spaces feel a lot brighter and happier. The colour also pairs well with most autumnal tones such as creams, whites, greys, bronzes, coppers, oranges. 

If you want to refresh your home with a brand new wall paint colour, then it is time to give CP Painting a call. These professionals can help you pick a suitable colour for each room, and they can help you with professional repainting so your walls will stay vivid and bright throughout the autumn season. 

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