6 Wall Paint Techniques For Fresh And Interesting Walls

6 Wall Paint Techniques For Fresh And Interesting Walls

Posted By : 01/04/2023 21:16 PM

6 Wall Paint Techniques For Fresh And Interesting Walls

Wall Paint Techniques For Fresh And Interesting Walls

Want to make your walls look more interesting? You don’t always have to go to extremes in the form of decorations, art, tiles, or cladding to make your walls look a lot better. A little bit of paint can do wonders for refreshing the look of the interior or exterior spaces; it is quick to complete and affordable compared to most walling solutions. Wall paint is also very versatile because it comes in many different colours and finishes, and you can apply all sorts of techniques to achieve an interesting look.

In this guide, we will explore a couple of simple paint techniques that can give your walls a very different appearance.

Colour Washing

Colour washing is a great technique to try if you want to give your walls a more retro appearance or if you want to give your walls a more textured appearance. The method involves thinning out the paint with glaze to create a wash. This wash can then be applied over other painted surfaces to give a translucent watercolour effect.

Half-Painted Walls

Half-painted walls, as the name implies, involve painting half of your wall with one colour and the other half with another colour. This technique can give your rooms a faux architectural appearance and adds depth and interest to a room. Half-painted walls can produce interesting accent walls or hallways.


The feathering technique can produce walls with an interesting design and is great for adding texture to your walls. Feathering is also a good option for family homes because the walls don’t seem as uniform which is great for hiding away dirty handprints that little ones might leave behind. To create this technique, the painter needs a soft bristle brush and should dapple a little bit of paint and can then scatter the paint about the wall with long brush strokes to create feathery whisps.

Ombre Walls

The ombre technique is great for creating an accent wall in a room or for attracting more attention to a certain part of a room. With this technique, the wall paint usually starts off dark and gradually fades into a lighter colour with a seamless gradient. Ombre walls are not very easy to create because it does take quite a bit of effort to blend the different colour hues to create a seamless effect. 

Concrete Effect

Different hues of grey and white can be combined to create a concrete look wall. The concrete look is very trendy at the moment because it will give your spaces a modern appearance and the greyish look blends well with most colours or furniture styles. 

This concrete look can also be achieved with a mixture of limestone and marble to create a cemento naturale wall. Cemento naturale walls are more durable and tend to look a lot more all natural.


Strie is a form of streaking and is a French painting technique that will give your walls a marble-like effect. Painters usually complete this look by taping their brushes to a long pole and drawing vertical lines along the wall. A lot of skill and creativity is required to create a charming look but, in the end, your strie wall can make your interior spaces look quite luxurious. 

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