Yes, You Can DIY Home Painting But Do You Really Want To?

Yes, You Can DIY Home Painting But Do You Really Want To?

Posted By : 22/10/2021 08:32 AM

Yes, You Can DIY Home Painting But Do You Really Want To?

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Painting your home is a quick and easy way to cover up a damaged wall or to liven up the space you live or work in. Some people think that by doing a DIY job, they’ll be able to save up a little on the cost and enjoy the experience. But this isn’t a montage from a feel-good movie. DIY fans may find themselves struggling to complete a paint job neatly and properly.

Read on to find out why this tedious job is best left to the professionals:

1.You’ll Need Plenty of Equipment

A paint job doesn’t just require buckets of paint. You also need rollers, brushes, mixers, ladders, and of course, you’ll need to make sure any items, including furniture in the room, are well-protected. Not having the right painting equipment may lead to a shabby paint job. Even a poor paint mix may lead to a poor paint job that may need multiple coats to look decent.

Don’t forget that you’ll need a heavy-duty sander and practice using it on a scrap surface before you’re ready to smooth out the surface you’re painting.

2. You Need To Be Skilled

The surface you are painting will not necessarily be smooth. A paint job doesn’t just involve picking up a brush and painting a coat or two. You need to be able to paint neatly, sand the surface you’re working on, caulk, and maintain consistency on the entire surface you’re painting. While professionals make it look easy, it’s not as simple as you think.

Painting corners neatly is probably the most difficult bit. If you don’t know how to do it properly, the surface, especially if it’s a wall, will end up looking like an orange peel and you’ll probably end up with flecks of paint on the floor and ceiling as well.

3. You’ll need to Prep Your Paint Surface

Professionals usually start by examining the surface to be painted. If the surface is flaky, bumpy or has holes, a professional will scrape off the flaky bits, fill up any gaps with caulk and sand and smoothen out the entire surface. Not only will you need a proper sanding machine for this, but you also need to be good at using the sander.

Get Your Paint Job Done Right

Getting a professional to handle the job is best if you want your walls, furniture, or other items painted. For starters, it’ll be a one-time expense because a professional painter Wahroonga, is not likely to make the mistakes you’re capable of as a DIY-er. Secondly, they’ll get the job done in a shorter period, and the result will look like what you were hoping for!

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