Wallpapering Services: How We Can Help

Wallpapering Services: How We Can Help

Posted By : 17/06/2022 18:46 PM

Wallpapering Services: How We Can Help

At Classic Perfection Painting, we offer more than just painting. Among our other services like deck restoration and epoxy flooring (see more on this on our services page) we also offer great wallpapering services.


Wallpapering can be a lot of fun, and a great way to add an interesting visual element to your walls – whether you decided on a fun feature wall or wallpapering your whole home, at Classic Perfection Painting we are here to help! Here’s a quick rundown of our popular wallpapering services:

Different Types Of Wallpaper 

There are many different types of wallpaper available so there is bound to be options for everyone. There are textured papers that mimic marble, wood and stone. Or you can get non-textured but in fun colours and patterns. 

Beyond this there are also wallpapers made out of fun and interesting materials such as grass cloth, sisal, cork and Japanese silk. Some people even choose customised wallpaper where they can have whatever picture or pattern they like custom made. Wallpaper is a great option for both whole house installation but also as features throughout a house that can really pop – and the abundance of options means there is something to suit everyone’s style. 

Wallpaper Application 

Wallpaper application can be difficult to do, and making it look neat and professional even more so. At Classic Perfection Painting, we can take care of all of the difficult installation processes – from removing and disposing of old wallpaper and prepping walls, to the actual installation process. We can get it looking amazing and damage-free in no time at all!  

Wallpaper Removal 

Wallpaper removal can be quite difficult when you do not have the experience or the dedicated professional tools. Whether you want to install new wallpaper or switch to paint – at Classic Perfection Painting, we can take care of all of this for you! From start to finish we will get the job done quickly and efficiently, without unnecessary damage to the walls underneath. We will also dispose of the old wallpaper for you after removal. We can also remove the paper from walls that have not been primed properly, which can be quite difficult. 

Why Get Wallpaper Installed Professionally? 

Getting wallpaper professionally installed is a great option. We have an abundance of experience in the industry so we can get it installed quickly, efficiently, and damage-free which is especially important given the price some wallpapers can be. Getting wallpaper installed properly also means the walls underneath will be properly prepped – maintaining the longevity of the paper, protecting the walls, and ensuring an easy removal later if needed. 

At Classic Perfection Painting, we are here to help, feel free to give us a call if you have any more questions about wallpapering or to request a free quote! We are experts in all things painting and wallpapering – so if you are looking for anything from wallpaper installation and removal, to deck restoration, epoxy flooring, house painting, or roof cleaning – contact us today, we’d love to hear from you!

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