Tips For Choosing The Right Paint Types And Colors

Tips For Choosing The Right Paint Types And Colors

Posted By : 15/10/2022 07:18 AM

Tips For Choosing The Right Paint Types And Colors

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for refreshing and improving the look and style of your home. Fresh paint finishes always look newer, cleaner, and tidier compared to old paint which is all dried, cracked, stained, and smeared. Switching from an out-of-date colour to something more fashionable can also make your home seem a lot more interesting. The right colour can also boost your mood or make your home a lot more inviting. 

In this guide, we are going to look at a couple of great tips for choosing the right type of paint or colours for your home. 

Tips For Choosing The Right Paint Type

Wall paint and ceiling paint is sold in a wide range of types. Wall paint is created in two main categories;

Oil-based paints – These paint types are highly durable and can be very easy to keep clean because they create a sheen finish that is easy to wipe down. Oil-based paints are however expensive and they can produce a lot of unpleasant odours that can last for days. This wall paints also take longer to dry.

Water-based paints – Most people opt for water-based wall paints because they are now available in many finishes including flat or matte finishes, eggshell finishes, satin finishes, semi-gloss finishes, or high-gloss finishes. Some of these wall paints are also very easy to wash and keep clean. 

In residential buildings and offices, we almost always recommend water-based paints. They are healthier and easier to apply and the upkeep is significantly easier since you can easily coat your walls.

Tips For Choosing Interior Wall Colours

When in doubt, always choose neutral. When we say neutral, we don’t mean you have to stick to over-used or outdated colours like beige. Any neutral colour including grey, white, light tan, or even lightly tinted neutral colours like minty green, dusty purple, or faded blue can be a good option for your home. These neutral colours go well with most furniture pieces and decor elements and it is very easy to bring in additional decorations if you want to create a specific colour theme for different rooms. Neutral wall colours are terrific for maintaining flexibility in your home and they are often much more affordable to maintain because these neutral shades are easier to mix compared to vivid wall colours.

Tips For Choosing The Right Exterior Wall Colours

When you are choosing home exterior colours, it is also usually best to focus on a neutral colour. In most cases, it is however a little bit better to keep your home exterior a little bit darker than the interior. The exterior of the building is constantly exposed to all sorts of harsh elements, dust, and dirt that can stain light-coloured walls. We recommend a slightly darker exterior in neutral hues like dusty charcoal, warm earthy neutrals, muted gray greens, or tan colours. 

It is however entirely possible for you to paint your house some bright and bold colour like a classic navy or a vibrant green. In some homes, these vibrant colours can be very successful. The main issue with vibrant colours is that they quickly go out of fashion while neutrals are timeless. 

Tips For Choosing A Suitable Paint Finish

You can get all sorts of paint finishes for your walls. They can be flat, matte, eggshell, pearl, satin, semi-gloss, or high-gloss. In most homes, it is best to avoid high-gloss finishes because these can make your home look a bit cheap. Semi-gloss, satin, and pearl finishes are some of the best options for home interiors because these wall paint finishes are usually easy to wipe clean and they offer that little bit of shine for a luxurious feel without looking over the top.

If you still have a tough time choosing the right wall colours and paint type for your home then you should reach out and give CP Painting a call. These paint specialists can advise you on the latest and best finishes, colours, and paint types to choose from and will help you create a home that suits your unique personality and your budget. 

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