Should You Get Your Wood Decks Stained?

Should You Get Your Wood Decks Stained?

Posted By : 31/07/2023 06:14 AM

Should You Get Your Wood Decks Stained?

Wooden decks are some of the most beautiful garden features or home features you can possibly install on your property. These natural materials always tend to give a sense of luxury and charm and they are ideal spaces to spend lazy afternoons in front of a barbecue. 

As with most wood structures, wooden decks require quite a bit of upkeep to keep them in good shape and protected from pests like termites. And even with the best care, your wood deck will sometimes need a bit of a touch-up in the form of sanding or wood treatments. 

While you are busy maintaining your wooden deck, or if you just got one installed, you might wonder whether you should also get it stained. 

In this guide, we are going to take a closer look at what wood staining is, when to do it, and what the benefits of these treatments are.

What Is Wood Deck Staining?

Wood deck staining is a varnish-like product that is used to coat the surface of your deck. This type of product usually creates a plastic-like layer over the surface of the wood and helps seal and protect the timber. Wood deck staining does come in quite a few different colours or hues and, for the most part, does tend to change the deck into a darker colour.

Should You Get Your Wood Deck Stained?

The answer is a definite yes. If your wood deck wasn’t stained when it was installed then it certainly is time to get it stained as soon as you possibly can. These types of products can offer your wooden garden features plenty of great benefits like the following.

Seal The Deck

Wood stain materials will create a coating over the surface of the wood. This coating is great for protecting the deck from a number of potential threats, such as water damage or mould and mildew growth.

Protect From Pests

Wood staining can also protect your wooden deck from infesting pets. The seal or coating even offers a little bit of protection from damaging pests like termites and can greatly prolong the life expectancy of these structures.

UV Protection

The extra coating also does a great job of protecting your wood from those damaging UV rays. The wood will continue to look appealing for longer while unprotected wood can quickly appear dry and faded if left in the sun. 

Enhanced Appearance

A fresh coat of wood stain will make your deck look much newer. The darker wooden tones that usually result from wood deck staining can also help mask some unsightly areas or discoloring on the wood. 

Wood stains also come in different colours or tints. The right wood tone can make your wooden deck fit in better with the appearance of the rest of your home. Or might simply give the deck a more luxurious appearance. 

How Often To Stain A Wooden Deck

Wood deck stains will eventually wear off or fade as these products are exposed to lots of natural elements like sun and rain. It is best to get your deck stained every two to three years. In particularly hot and dry regions or in the case of old wooden decks, it might be best to get it stained once a year. 

If it is time to get your wooden deck stained or re-stained then you should give CP Painting a call. Our professionals can treat any type of wooden deck for you so it will be protected from the elements and it will stay in the best shape for as long as possible. 

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