Living Room Wall Paint Colours That Go Terrific With Christmas Décor

Living Room Wall Paint Colours That Go Terrific With Christmas Décor

Posted By : 02/12/2021 04:51 AM

Living Room Wall Paint Colours That Go Terrific With Christmas Décor

The festive season is just around the corner and we are all working hard to get that perfect Christmas vibe in our homes. If you always struggled to create a picture-perfect Christmas setup in the living room then perhaps a different paint colour can help you succeed.

Here is a quick look at the best wall colours for people who live for Christmas.

White Wall Colours

White walls always help create a blank canvas that accents anything you place in front of the wall. This neutral colour scheme pairs well with just about any other colour under the sun. It is a great wall colour for those who love white and gold Christmas decorations and lots of string lights or fairy lights. White can, of course, also pair with your traditional red and green colours but we do feel a more metallic and neutral decoration setting will work better with this type of wall colour.

Off-White or Cream Walls

If white is too stark but you still love that light hue that makes rooms feel all bright and look spacious then you can consider an off-white or cream coloured wall. These warmer hues are sure to complement traditional Christmas decoration styles perfectly but it is also a perfect colour scheme for those who prefer natural-looking Christmas decorations like olive greens with neutral-colored décor pieces and a touch of gold and brown.

Grey Walls

Light grey walls are also very flexible since this colour trend pairs well with a lot of furniture and colour themes. Cool grey shades pairs well with gold and silver décor elements and vivid natural green trees also look very nice with this colour.

Red Walls

Red is a very popular colour in living rooms because it is said that this colour enhances your appetite and the warming and bright feel of this colour is very energetic. Traditional Christmas trees with red and gold decorations will look stunning next to a red wall and the red hue is also perfect for candlelight hues.

Green Walls

Green walls are not as common in households but this festive colour shouldn’t be overlooked. Green walls will give you an optimistic and productive feel when you enter the living room. This wall colour will also blend well with white and gold or white and silver Christmas decorations but you can also add lots of red to draw more attention to the festive vibe.

Blue Walls

Blue wall colours are perfect for warm climates because these light hues have a cooling and calming effect on your spirit and the blue tints can make home interiors feel relaxing and cooler. We love turquoise wall colours or light sky blue hues. This type of wall will go well with those who prefer white and silver, white and gold, or white and blue decorations. It is an ideal colour scheme for those who prefer a non-traditional festive look.

Pink Walls

Light pink hues like dusty pink or salmon have become very trendy over the last three years. This colour will give a warm, welcoming, and happy feel to your living room and pairs well with whitewashed or pine decoration pieces. You can also get away with red and green decorations if you keep the decorations subtle.

Yellow Or Orange Walls

Orange and yellow compliments traditional Christmas colours very well. These hues will also create an energetic and lively vibe in the living room. It is a perfect colour for those high-energy happy folks who are welcoming lots of family members from all over. You can be very bold with your Christmas tree and decorations since these wall colours make it pretty clear that you are not someone who cares about the traditional rules and settings.

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