6 Wonderful Paint Colours to Consider For Your Summer Home Refresh

6 Wonderful Paint Colours to Consider For Your Summer Home Refresh

Posted By : 22/11/2021 04:22 AM

6 Wonderful Paint Colours to Consider For Your Summer Home Refresh

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Summer is the best time to refresh and redo your home because this is the season when we all feel happy and full of energy. A fresh coat of paint is the best way to refresh home interiors as wall paint colours can have an astronomical impact on the look and feel of a space. It is also an upgrade that will protect your wall surfaces because the fresh coat will keep your old paint layers from cracking and peeling.

With their large surface areas, walls have a significant visual impact on a room’s vibe and appearance. So it is extremely important to choose your paint colour carefully.

The following popular summer colours are great options to consider; they will make your summer home feel warm and inviting.

Light turquoise

Light turquoise is the best colour to get for summer homes, especially if you live near the coast. According to colour psychology, this colour is associated with refreshing, feminine, calming, sophisticated, energy, wisdom, serenity, wholeness, and good luck meanings. Interior spaces with this colour will instantly look bright and vivid. The blue hue will also make your interior spaces feel cooler because blue is normally associated with water or cool weather.


Indigo colours are classic to beach houses. According to colour psychology, indigo colours mean great devotion, wisdom and justice. This colour can add depth to your rooms and is great for channelling the ocean. The blue colour is often associated with deep waters which can also make your summer home feel cooler.

Bright white

White wall paint colours and whitewashed furniture have been quite popular these past few years. This colour is still a good option to consider for small homes or small rooms because white reflects colour to make rooms look much more spacious. According to colour psychology, white symbolises purity, innocence, cleanliness, freshness, and simplicity. These are all great vibes for a summer home.

Sage green

Those who prefer a brighter colour can consider sage green walls. Sage green is a playful colour that can make your interior space feels cool and vibrant. It is a perfect colour for people who want to create a home with a unique look and feel since it isn’t overused by interior designers and homeowners. Sage green is associated with wisdom, judgment, and experience. It also communicates peace and growth.

Neon orange

If you love citrus colours then neon orange can be a terrific wall paint to consider. This colour will make any room feel like a garden come to life. The brightness of neon orange can give you plenty of energy and this colour along with golden accents will channel sunset vibes perfectly. Orange is a loved colour in spring homes because it encourages feelings of enthusiasm, excitement, and energy.

Sky Blue

If bright colours feel too alien for your home then you can opt for a sky blue. Sky blue walls will make your interior spaces look and feel much cooler. The light hue of this colour can also make small rooms look more spacious and the flexible colour can be combined with just about any other colour under the sun. Colour psychologists believe that this type of wall will make you feel peaceful and calm.

Did any of these colours catch your eye for your home?

CP Painting can professionally paint any interior or exterior spaces in your summer home. With their help, you can get your home summer fresh and ready for the warmer weather in no time.

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